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Reducing food waste

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We would like to start Community Larders in BS15 where surplus food is shared between the BS15 community, helping to reduce food waste in the area.


We will collect surplus food regularly from supermarkets and local food businesses to keep the larders stocked, and are able to accept donations of some products from the community.

Can you help us get this project started?

Please get in touch if you would like to help us with this project. We would especially like to hear from people who:

  • would like to help to coordinate the project (scheduling surplus food collections, rota management for the larders, finding more ways to obtain and distribute surplus food)
  • would be interested in collecting surplus food from supermarkets to take to the larders
  • would like to man the larders on a regular or ad-hoc basis (hours to suit you)
  • may consider distributing surplus food from their home to local neighbours
  • is an Olio volunteer in the area (we'd like to make sure we don't steal your slots)